As a retired Marine Raider, I found my true passion in Sangin Instruments. I wanted to create something special, not only for the military, first responder, and special operations community, but for anyone who values ultra-premium watches. Now I am fortunate enough to move onto the next venture in the Sangin legacy, Sangin Knives.

When my wife and I started the Sangin journey as a small business, we where doing our best to make something special, building watches at our kitchen table, determined to offer the best customer service and special timepieces using the best materials. Now, by pooling the wisdom from friends and family in the industry, we've managed to put together, what we believe is, the highest-performing fixed blade ever built.

Sangin Knives starts its journey with a name that is synonymous with precision and durability. Each custom blade uses the finest super steels, precious metals, exotic woods, ensuring the utmost attention to detail.

It was always my intention to create knives that catered to the military and special operations community, focusing on the high standards and craftsmanship they deserve. I'm proud to say that our knives are made with quality at the forefront, right here in the United States.

Now, you too will be able to experience the dedication and care that goes into each Sangin blade. I invite you to choose Sangin Knives, America's knife company, and become a part of our ever-growing community.