Sangin Knives x WRMFZY

Sangin Knives x WRMFZY

Outfitting the unconventional.

Words that WRMFZY lives by, growing to be a true leader in the military lifestyle complex over the past 6 years. With their unorthodox styling, unique angles in culture, and overall presence in the military community, we are excited to create a blade that embodies those such things. The Sangin Knives x WRMFZY Corsair.

What sets the WRMFZY Corsair apart is not just its cutting-edge construction but also its innovative handle design. G10 with Camo G10 inlay handles provide a combination of style and dependability, while precision-turned Copper tubing ensures tight tolerances, solving the longstanding issues of handle scale fracturing and separation from the steel. The addition of set pins guarantees a lasting handle fitment, adapting to different climates without sacrificing durability.

WRMFZY Corsair

This limited edition Corsair is not just a knife; it's a statement. Designed for individuals who value reliability without compromise, this blade is a testament to both form and function, boasting premium materials and an unmistakable aesthetic. Crafted from the finest Crucible Metals CPM M4, the 9.0" Corsair features a 0.1875" thickness, offering unparalleled flexibility, wear resistance, and the ability to endure high impacts. The blade is adorned with an ultra-corrosion resistant KG Gunkote finish, a result of meticulous research aimed at achieving a thinner ceramic-based coating without compromising critical geometries.

The package comes complete with a serialized authenticity card, a Cordura® KYDEX® sheath, and your choice of either a leather mounting strap or UltiClip Slim 3.3, allowing you to tailor your gear to your preference. Finally, it's all packaged up in a premium S3 case with a die-cut foam liner, ensuring your blade remains in pristine condition when not in use.

Sangin Knives x WRMFZY

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