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The new Espina blade is a Sangin Knives original, designed as an everyday carry, pocket-sized, fixed blade. The unique Ivory colorway for this Limited Edition release has been developed in partnership with the outdoor lifestyle brand TacHuntFish.

We initially set out to create a fixed blade that was not only classy in style but served as a utility tool, just like your favorite pocket knife. The final result is the Espina, a gentlemen’s style executive blade, slim enough and light enough to be worn in your favorite suit, while lethal enough to outperform all other MagnaCut® fixed blades on the market. 

The Espina includes a buck brown leather sleeve that sits slim inside of your pocket. This reduces pocket print, while remains comfortable enough to almost forget it’s there. The handle slightly protrudes from the top of the leather sleeve to leave enough grip to draw the knife, while allowing it to remain discreet. 

Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice the finer details of the filed brass liners that leave a small jimping pattern along the profiles of the handle. This is paired with a press fit Ivory G10 scales, with a smooth sanded finish. In the rear of the knife, we have added a small lanyard hole protected by a 0.1875" flared brass tube, ideal for a thin lanyard and bead of your choice. The Espina’s full tang body is finished in a black, polished oxide, while its smooth, flat ground bevel features a natural hand polish and stone wash.

Additionally, a seamless transition from the stone washing pattern on the bevel to the flats provides a matte effect over the entirety of the blade. This contrasting color makes the blade a truly one-of-a-kind design. The bevel edge is taken down to under .01" prior to its final sharpening, allowing for an extremely thin razor edge for slicing. 

Finally, this blade is constructed out of CPM MagnaCut® steel, the finest material available on the market today. For years, the knife industry has been fighting between a balance of toughness and corrosion resistance, as well as best in class edge retention, all of which MagnaCut® provides. Traditionally, the tougher the blade, the more carbon is present, leaving the blade susceptible to rust, however, that is no longer an issue with MagnaCut®.

Sangin Knives is proud to produce premium, USA Made blades, and we will stop at nothing to continue researching, developing, and implementing the highest quality materials and process for our products. 

The Ivory Espina is an exclusive product developed with TacHuntFish, and each individual knife is serialized to commemorate this iconic partnership. 

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